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Sasural Simar Ka : Ananya apologizes for her behaviour

Anjali insults Tanvi by calling her a servant and is about to slap her when Vikram stops her. He fires back by telling her how Tanvi has filled in her space in the house. After Anjali leaves, Tanvi apologizes to Vikram for defending him. Both Vikram and Saroj tell her not to blame herself.

Aarav brings flowers for Ananya. She cools down and apologizes to him for getting upset. The two make peace. Aarav gives the credit for bringing flowers to Roshni.

When Pari sees both Roshni and Ananya coming down for breakfast together, she is stunned. Ananya tells everyone that she was wrong to have thought selfishly about her honeymoon. Maataji appreciates her for understanding the family situation.

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