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Sunday , August 20 2017
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Sanjay Sethi dictated meeting agendas

Udaipur : The enormous influence of middleman Sanjay Sethi and the extent to which he intervened in the official matters makes an interesting part of the ACB investigation. “ We have recovered text messages from Singhvi’s and Sethi’s mobiles which proves their conspiracy. In one of the message Singhvi has even texted what should be the meeting agenda and Sethi in turn point wisely framed them” Shankar Dutt Sharma the investigating officer and additional SP of the ACB said.

“ We demanded a copy of the agenda of the said meeting and shockingly, the same had been incorporated for the discussion” he added. In another message Singhvi had sought Sethi’s advice to find a suitable officer whom a particular charge was required to be given and Sethi gave the answer. “ We have requested Whatsapp company’s headquarters at California to recover those messages that Sethi had apparently deleted from his chat history. Once they are recovered, more crucial information may flow in” Sharma said.

Bribe givers-takers, carrier arrested

Amid arguments by defense counsels claiming that the government officers have been falsely implicated since no transaction was caught red-handed to substantiate the corruption charges, the ACB seems quite confident by the way the investigation has progressed. “ This is a unique case not in terms of the number of pages it has but different in a way because all the people involved in bribery charges have been arrested” the IO said. Usually only those receive bribe are caught but here Sher Khan and company-the givers, Sethi and Singhvi- the takers and Dhirendra- the carrier of the illegal money have been jailed which is setting of an example for others, Sharma held.


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