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Friday , August 18 2017
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Ruchita murder case: Police change tactics to extract truth of Divya

‘Remembers his class 10th score exactly but can’t recollect murder sequence’

Ruchita's body was found in her flat in an apartment in Udaipur on December 1

Ruchita’s body was found in her flat in an apartment in Udaipur on December 1

Udaipur : From the caring ‘uncles’ cops have suddenly turned martinets to extract truth off Divya in the much hyped Ruchita muder case. Police suspect the killing to be the result of a one-way love affair or rejected sexual gratification. On Monday the special team which quizzed Divya to find out the real cause behind the brutal murder reportedly showed their stricter side to the ‘killer kid’ who have been putting up a ‘psychic’ act before them to preempt legal consequences of the crime he committed.  Divya told the police he suffers from occasional memory loss and had no reasons for killing Ruchita. “ He has not confessed yet, but we are sure he wont be able to continue the fake act for long. Gradually he is coming out with the real murder sequence and explanation for assaulting his neighbor ‘Ruchita aunty ” Chandra Purohit, SHO Ambamata police station said. Divya who claimed earlier that he hardly interacted with Ruchita, told the police that he had danced with ‘aunty’ during a Dandiya event at their apartment. He also told cops that he was very friendly with Ruchita’s kids Avishi and Arnav and had even taught them to handle their gear bicycles.

At the crime scene, police had found Ruchita’s pants half pulled down and her top torn which suggested the killer had attempted sexual assault. The room walls and floor was smeared with blood that indicated the woman had struggled hard to resist. However, Divya who surrendered before the police claiming he killed the lady had maintained that it was done under fits of depression and under the influence of poison which he had consumed. Divya’s parents are in a state of shock and break down at the sight of their only and pampered son. “ Observing his behavior for three days now, I feel he is a mastermind with no psychotic disorder. He tends to forget only the murder sequence while he remembers exactly the marks he scored at secondary and senior secondary levels” DySP Gopal Singh Bhati said. Divya also tends to put the blame of his upset mental state on his parents whom he said forced him to concentrate only on studies.

The case so far

Ruchita’s blood soaked body was found inside the store of her flat in an 8-storeyed apartment in New Bhupalpura area under Sukher police station on December 1. On a report by Ruchita’s father, the police had suspected her husband Krishna Vallabh Gupta, a final year law student to be the murderer, however, mobile records and CCTV footages from University’s Law college indicated his innocence. Divya Kothari, a 22 year old CA aspirant who lived in the 8th floor of the same apartment had disappeared the same afternoon after the murder leaving a suicide note behind. However, the youth surrendered at a police station on December 2 owing the responsibility of the crime.


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