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Monday , August 21 2017
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Resurgence of Azam gang worry cops in Udaipur

Udaipur : The resurgence of Azam gang, a team of notorious criminals known for extortion and murder, after many years has started worrying the men-in-khaki in this region. The city that suffered from various crimes by gangsters, including extortion, drug peddling and illegal trafficking of liquor in late 90s to 2000s , had sighed relief for past some years. However with a latest complaint registered by a businessman against Azam, a notorious gangster for extortion and life threat has increased security concern among the trading community and also become a reason of worry for the cops. Many plaints are pending against gangster Azam who has been absconding in most of the cases.
However recently, Sampat Mochi of Gangaram Shoes has lodged a complaint against Azam for demanding 7.5 lakh rupees and threatened of dire consequences if he didn’t withdrew a case against a Gujarati man whom he had business connections with. Mochi in his complaint had held that he had been a mediator in a property deal between Raju Chandeliya in Chittorgarh and Nitin Vallabh from Ahmedabad who had given Sampat a cheque for 7.5 lakh rupees against purchase of property.

The cheque had bounced and Mochi had to lodge a case against Vallabh to claim his dues. Mochi had to pay the amount to Chandeliya who reportedly had sought Azam’s assistance to get his money from Sampat. Azam and his aide Sajjad alias Cheeni intervened in the scene and went to Sampat’s shop. They threatened Sampat demanding money from him. Police had arrested Sajjad who was found with a pistol in the HiranMagri area some day ago. The cops are in lookout for Azam next. Worse, gang wars were seen since 2004.

Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Tulsi Prajapati, who died in a police encounter, had brutally murdered one Hameed Lala in December, 2004 at Hathipole Circle in Udaipur. Many big and small gangs had been active in the city during 2000 which even suggested of having underworld connections , however, police had been successful in curbing the crime then, bringing relief to the common.


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