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Saturday , July 22 2017
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Pune Test tuning point? Sriram’s advise to O’Keefe during Lunch break

Photo: BCCI

New Delhi: Apart from Steve Smith and Stephen O’Keefe another name from the Australian camp has been doing the rounds for their stunning performance against India in the opening Test, who incidentally is a former India all rounder – S Sriram. 


Sriram, who is considered to be one of the main forces behind O’ Keefe’s recent heroics with the ball, feels that one needs to be open for changes and O’Keefe has mastered that art. 

“India is such a big country, there’s no one-stop solution. If you say ‘this will work’, it is not going to work. That’s where Stephen O’Keefe really scored, because he was well prepared. He was prepared to experiment. He knew that he had to come with an open mind for every day of a Test Match,” said Sriram.

O’ Keefe who ran through the Indian side in both the innings did not have an ideal start on Day 2. The left-arm spinner went wicket less in his first 9 overs. It was Sriram, who turned O’Keefe’s fortune with his advice during the break. 

“I came down from the viewing area and I knew he was a little disturbed. I said ‘Sok, what do you think you need on this wicket?’ and he said ‘I need to go a little bit rounder and quicker.’ And I just said to him ‘go for it mate’ because you know what you can do and you know what you need to do. Just go for it. And I think he adapted beautifully,” revealed Sriram. 

The effect was there for everyone to see. India lost their last seven wickets for just 11 runs with O’Keefe sneering six of those and Kohli’s side went on to concede a lead of over 150, which turned out to pivotal.

When asked about the treatment meted out to him in the Australian dressing room, Sriram said the transition was gradual. 

“I don’t think the name relly matters, does it? What does a name matter? I mean, I come in; if I talk sense they listen to me, if I talk rubbish they don’t.  It’s as simple as that. I think it’s taken time… They’ve really been open. That’s the best thing about this Australian team. They’ve been open to listen first and then obviously I made sense a little bit and they started listening and they started trying out things in the nets and saw that it worked for them and I think that’s how it’s gone.”

Sriram, who played 8 ODIs for India will work with the Delhi Daredevils coaching staff in the 10th edition of the Indian Premiere League.


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