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Sunday , August 20 2017
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Puducherry businessman robbed of jewels- cash worth 50 lakhs from Udaipur 5-star hotel

Udaipur : In one of the biggest theft ever to have taken place in a five star hotel in Udaipur, ornaments and cash worth over 50 lakhs rupees , belonging to a Puducherry based jeweler, was allegedly stolen from one of the rooms of the Radisson Hotel at Ambamata here. The jeweler had booked few rooms in the hotel for hosting the wedding of his daughter and while all the family members were busy in the pre-wedding ceremonies in a hall on Friday, the robber suspected to be a former employee of the hotel, slipped into the room, using a duplicate key and managed to escape with the stolen goods, CCTV footage revealed.

According to the police, one Niranjan Kumar Jain, a resident of Bharti street in Puducherry had rooms booked in the hotel for organizing the wedding ceremonies and reception of his daughter Sonali and the guests had checked in on November 13. The groom’s party was told to be from Mumbai and marriage was fixed for Saturday. Niranjan had kept his daughters gold and diamond ornaments and other valuables including cash in a bag inside the locker and had locked his room before leaving for the function which was held in other part of the hotel. When he returned back to his room after some hours, he was shocked to see the room ransacked, luggage scattered and the bag missing in which the valuables were kept. The hotel authorities reported the matter to the Ambamata police station. CCTV footage from the hotel showed the accused who was dressed in a waiter’s uniform getting inside the room with a key he had got issued from the reception without much questioning. “ Observing the footage it appears that the robber was well acquainted with the rooms and the staff since he managed to get a duplicate key of the brides father’s room without needing to show any identity at the reception” said Gopal Singh Bhati, the Deputy SP. “ He walked in the room knowing that the inmates would be away for the function and took away the bag filled with jewelry and cash, nothing else was missing” Bhati said. It was clear from the footage that the accused was let inside easily at the main gate of the hotel which has intensified the doubt of involvement of an insider in the crime. The police also complained of non co-operation and carelessness on the part of the hotel management as the locker of the said room was also reported to be not functioning properly. “ We interrogated the autorickshaw driver who was hired by the accused from the hotel after robbery and dropped at Delhigate circle” Jitendra Aanchaliya the Circle Inspector said. Camera at the Delhigate circle also has captured images of the accused walking away with the bag, informed the police control room. The thief vanished in one of the lanes here and we are trying to locate him through the BTS, the officer said. Meanwhile, the cops spoke to the jeweler on Sunday after he was free from the functions to assess the real worth of the stolen goods and get minute details of the robbery.


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