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Monday , August 21 2017
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Police arrest mother for killing 2-year-old daughter in Udaipur

Inability to raise three daughters led mother throw toddler in well, shows no remorse

IMG-20141026-WA001Udaipur : Cracking the much hyped murder case of the 2-year-old girl Akshara, who was found dead in a well on October 18, the Pratapnagar police here on Sunday arrested her mother Rekha who had reportedly thrown the toddler in the well to kill her. Mental stress and inability to raise three daughters was the reason stated by the lady who showed no sign of remorse for the crime she had committed. What had shocked and alerted the entire police force fearing another abduction soon after the Kota incident, turned out to be yet another tragic story of filicide.

Akshara, grand daughter of Sakroda Upsarpanch Bheru Singh Rajput had gone missing on October 17 morning from outside her home at Pada Khadra village at Sakroda. Akshara’s father Ramsingh who had been away at work, had lodged a missing complaint of his daughter in the evening after his wife informed him of the incident. After an intensive search operation, the police had found the child’s body from a nearby well the next day. Since no ransom call was received, initially the police investigated on the lines of family rivalry as a motive for the murder, however, interrogating suspected persons didn’t gave them any clue. “ Behaviour of the family members grew suspicion as they didn’t come forward when the cops had spotted the girls body in the well at their backyards” said SP Ajaypal Lamba. The reluctance of the family to give Akshara’s clothes to the dog squad, pull out her body and even signs of non attachment towards the little one later on made the doubts even stronger but the police waited to investigate thoroughly after speaking to the villagers. “People living in the neighborhood affirmed that the couple often had fight because of having three daughters in the home and had difficulties in raising them. Rekha had even been rebuked and ill treated by her inlaws and she was under severe depression after the birth of Akshara” said Dr Rajesh Bharadway, the additional SP (city). The lady had even received treatment for mental ailment in a private hospital some time ago and she also was taken to a tantrik in some nearby village, police said, On Sunday the Pratapnagar police interrogated Rekha thoroughly who broke down and confessed to have killed the toddler by throwing her in the well. On October 17, Rekha fed the child well and then took her at the backyards of their house after her husband left for work. She dropped the child in the well and came back home. After some time she called her husband to inform him that Akshara had gone missing. Though Rekha said only she had committed the crime and the family believed her words of the child gone missing, but it seems less convincing that other members specially her husband was ignorant of his wife’s deed all the time, sources said.


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