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Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Now Kitty parties for ASHA workers & ANMs

Udaipur : Concerned about the declining graph of achievements of various health and family planning programs in the state, the medical department has come up with a new idea of hosting Kitty parties or get togethers for the ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activists) sahyoginis and ANMs (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife). The motive behind the initiative is to increase community participation by means of capacity building and instill confidence among the health workers to achieve target. In Udaipur, the initiative will begin from the second Saturday, next month.

Udaipur has shown up poor performance in atleast five of the ten major family planning and health care programs extended by the department. As per the latest report released by the medical and health department, for the month of October, Udaipur stood on the last place in immunization program failing in achievement of the target by a negative 19.6 percent. Similarly the district scored 32nd rank in institutionalized deliveries, 30th rank in the 3-checkups for pregnant women, 23rd place in pregnant women registration in 12 weeks and 15th rank in cases related to sterilization. As per the evaluation report, Udaipur failed to achieve the targets by -10.97 percent as compared to last year, which has caused grave concern for the authorities. Dr Sanjiv Taunk, who recently took over as the new CMHO said ” Communication gap and weak monitoring pattern were pointed out as the main reasons for the poor performance of health workers”. The government had proposed a scheme some time back on organizing get togethers for the female health workers to meet on monthly basis in a jovial and relaxed mood laying aside all work pressures.

” It was instructed some time ago, but implementation took time, we will begin from next month” said the medical officer. Beside enjoying snacks, fun games and usual gossiping, the ladies would get a platform to share problems and hurdles they face in convincing the mass on various health programs. The women would share their experiences, generate new ideas for effective implementation of programs and also increase awareness level among the common. A cluster head will report the problems raised by the workers at such parties and authorities will take action to solve them, said Dr Taunk. No special budget has been allotted but there are provisions under the village sanitation programs for meager expenses that could be utilized here, he added.


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