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Thursday , August 24 2017
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Now cops to take Yoga lessons to combat stress

Udaipur : Policemen, across the country would soon have to take compulsory lessons in Yoga. The 5000-year-old Indian practice is being seen as the effective method to combat the increasing level of stress and tension among the cops. As the central government plans to introduce a new scheme “ Swastha Police” (Healthy police) from the next financial year, state governments have been instructed to begin with the ground work of identifying skilled Yoga trainers for recruitment. Police department will have their own Yoga teachers beginning new financial year. The program aims to develop mental focus, resiliency, physical health and well-being in a variety of ways.

The scheme also rests on the notion that investing in employee wellness, regardless of profession pays off in reduced medical costs later. In a letter from the police headquarters, all the SP’s have been asked to submit a proposal on the details of the personnel along with the availability of Yoga trainers in their respective areas. Trainers could be both full and part timers. A degree in Yoga from any recognized university or any graduate having completed one year diploma course in Yoga would be considered for recruitment. While full time Yoga trainers would receive monthly emoluments of 27,500 rupees, part timers would be paid 13,000 rupees a month. In case of non availability of required number of trainers, the officers have been asked to hire master trainers from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi. “The public wants mentally well, physically well, balanced officers. But odd duty hours, continuous working develop stress among the cops and studies have well proved yoga’s effectiveness to decrease stress levels” said an officer.

The Yoga teachers would first train the master trainers of the police force. The master trainers would later impart training to the police officers. “This will help them reduce hypertension due to workload and unhygienic working conditions,” an officer said. “ Nadi Shodan, Yog Nidra and Shawasan are few of the aasans effective in curing hypertension and reducing stress while Mandookasan, Pachimotasan have proved effective for diabetes” informed Devendra Agrawal, a Yoga guru who claimed that regular Yoga practice could indeed contribute to increase work efficiency , mental and physical fitness of the cops.


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