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Tuesday , July 25 2017
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Model Kristyna Martelli dead after over 100 plastic surgeries

According to reports, Kristyna suffered a seizure and died of a heart attack while doctors were performing a butt implant surgery. Popular model Kristyna Martelli, aka Human Blow-up Doll, died while undergoing another plastic surgery procedure. Instagram model Kristyna Martelli was known for her outrageous figure and fondness for plastic surgeries. Apparently, the 23-year-old Instagram model was popular for her extremely shocking figure. Kristyna, who grew up in Quebec, reportedly had more than hundred plastic surgeries on her body since her teenage years. In a post from her website, Kristyna Martelli had explained her love for plastic surgeries, which gradually became her passion and hobby.


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  1. Plastic surgeries are a great blessing of modern sciences, but we must not forget that excess of everything is bad. Having 100 procedures completed in less than 23 years of age is quite abnormal, and that’s why she died so early.