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Wednesday , August 23 2017
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MLSU to offer unique PG diploma course in Public health entomology

‘Course to be conducted in collaboration with AIIMS, Jodhpur’

Udaipur : Beginning the new academic session in July, the Science college of Mohanlal Sukhadia University (MLSU) in association with the department of community medicines and family health,  AIIMS, Jodhpur will begin one year PG diploma course in Public Health Entomology. “All over the world today, public health has been prioritized as an indispensable component for ensuring quality of life and improved standards of living.  . In addition, Public Health Foundation initiative has triggered the need for creating human resources in public especially in the private sector. This scenario   indicates the need for auxiliary public health professional as mid-level managers will be very acute. Therefore, a need-based training course is necessary to create a cadre of public health profession based competency skills to the students aiming at carrier in public healthy” said Dr Arti Prasad, HoD, Zoology. The course is developed and designed to cover the emerging needs and challenges in the public health system.

About the course– This is a unique course going to be started in this tribal belt of South Rajasthan and  in India catering to the national as well as global needs. Public health has become one of the important issues   globally due to emerging of many vector borne diseases like malaria,dengue, kala azar,yellow fever,chicken gunia and Zeika .The course will provide an  excellent opportunity for students to gain an in-depth knowledge on Public Health Entomology and intense training on the modern approaches for epidemiology, prevention and control of vectors and vector-borne diseases.. This course will  provide  an additional skilled diploma  with high impact  on public health, laying greater emphasis on insect vectors and vector-borne diseases prevention and control.  This course will prepare an excellent epidemiologist  with a world class resource person. Finally, attention will be given to enable students to develop practical skills needed for operational programmes in All India Institute of Medical Sciences ,Jodhpur . The students of course will be able to identify essential components of a topic and be able to correlate practical examples at field level and understand the inter linkage of the various components of the syllabus and its applications at professional level.


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