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Monday , August 21 2017
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Mentally challenged man beaten mercilessly by cops, SP calls for inquiry

Udaipur :In an incident that could be termed as most inhuman and barbaric, Udaipur police brutally thrashed a mentally challenged man who had created public nuisance at GulabBagh road here on Thursday noon. Instead of taking the retarded person to the mental hospital, cops took him to the police station, stripped and thrashed him mercilessly till he bleed.

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The matter came to light when pictures and video clips of the police station went viral over social media drawing attention of the common. Meanwhile, being asked for an opinion, H.R. Kuri, the chairperson of Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission told Udaipur Kiran that already a letter had been sent to Udaipur SP to deal with sensitivity cases involving mentally challenged persons and yet if cops had manhandled someone, it is contravention of Human Rights which is not acceptable for which an inquiry will be made.

??????????The incident took place on Thursday noon at Gulab bagh road where a mentally challenged man had been creating nuisance on the roads. He threw stones at the commuters and created a traffic-jam like situation. Upon being informed, Gamerlal, a constable from the Surajpole police station arrived at the spot and tried to control the sick man. But the victim retaliated and instead chewed Gamerlal’s finger. More cops were called in who used force to control the violent man. Instead of getting him admitted in the mental ward or press in a psychiatrist for service, the cops took him to the police station where he was treated inhumanly. His hands and legs were tied, a cloth was pushed into his mouth so that he could not shout for help, stripped and kicked badly by two to four cops who rounded him.

004When he started bleeding, he was given water to drink and later on taken to hospital for medical examination. Meanwhile cops are trying to cover the matter saying that the person is not retarded. “ Doctors who checked him at the mental ward had refused to take in claiming that he was not mentally sick. Whether he acted in such an irrational manner out of a temporary impulse, needs to be verified” said one of a senior police officer. ‘ It is clearly defined in the police guidelines how to treat such cases and if cops have manhandled a mentally sick person, it is wrong. I have called for an inquiry and proper action will be taken against the wrong doers’ said Ajaypal Lamba, Udaipur SP.


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