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Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Mazdoor ‘neta’ is the new Udaipur Mayor

Dwivedi likely to be chosen as Dy Mayor

mayor udaipurUdaipur : Ousting the three other candidates in the race,  Chandra Singh Kothari made it through to reach the coveted Mayor post in the Udaipur Municipal Corporation. Kothari’s name emerged as the unanimous  choice  when all the newly elected councilors were asked for their one-to-one opinion by Gulabchand Kataria himself, party sources claimed. To avoid election and unpleasant situation, the BJP had herded the 49 councilors to a secluded place on Tuesday, soon after they were sworn in. The councilors were brought back to Udaipur city only on Wednesday morning just  before the announcement of the Mayor’s name was made. “ Apart from Modiji’s vision of a clean place, we will dedicate ourself to take the city to newer heights in terms of tourism” said the new Mayor.

Chandra Singh Kothari UMC MayorKothari, who is better known to the public as a trade union leader rather than a politician wasn’t the top name in the list owing to his lack of experience in active politics as this is the first municipal election he had fought and won. Paras Singhvi, a fourth time councilor and Lokesh Dwivedi a veteran leader and three time councilor were the more spoken about  names, however, going by the party’s agenda of choosing clean and undisputed men to lead the civic bodies, Kothari’s image for being a stern disciplinarian, hard task master and his affiliation with the BMS catapulted him to becoming the first citizen of the city.  However, Kothari’s selection has said to have upsetted the Brahmin lobby, who were expecting the announcement of Dwivedi’s name as the new Mayor. Kothari has succeeded Rajni Dangi, who also hail from the Jain community. The Brahmins and other communities had expressed their discontentment when 16 jain candidates were given tickets. However, after Kothari chosen as Mayor,  Lokesh Dwivedi’s candidature is being speculated as obvious to be finalized for Deputy Mayor, as a trump card to appease the non Jain lobby.  Paras Singhvi and Nanalal Vaya, the other names have lesser chances owing to their being Jain candidates.


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