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Monday , August 21 2017
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Mankiller leopard caged, Dungerpur villagers breathe easy

Udaipur : A fortnight after a woman was killed and her child dragged away by a leopard in Ranighata village of Dungerpur district, the forest department succeeded to cage the beast. The leopard was trapped in a cage that was kept at Sarkan an adjoining forest area near the village, on early Monday morning. Large number of people gathered at the spot to witness the proceedings wherein the cage was completely packed before uploading it on a truck. The big cat has been shifted to an isolated cage in the Gulabbag Zoo at Udaipur and would not be allowed for public display, said Rahul Bhatnagar, CCF (wild life) Udaipur.

The leopard had been terrorizing people for one and a half months now. It had made 6 attacks on men and killed two children and a woman. More than a dozen cattles have fallen prey of the leopard and people suspected of the beast having become fearless and hence dangerous. Most recently the panther had attacked on October 11 in Ranighata village and killed a woman Kalibai and taken away her 2 year old child. The child is still missing. Even though there is no hope of the kid to be found alive, the department is on for his search.

“ The search operation is still ongoing and unless we find the body or any other clue, the child cannot be declared dead officialy” said Dhanpat Singh Rathore, the assistant conservator of forest, Dungerpur. The authorities have been working on a proposal to pronounce the beast a maneater following the casualties that happened in a confined area of 6-7 square kilometers.


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