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Saturday , July 22 2017
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Man brands wife with hot iron for answering unknown call

Udaipur : In a heart rending incident that took place at Rebariyon-ka-Guda village in Kadmal of Gogunda tehsil in Udaipur district, a woman was brutally branded with hot iron by her husband and father-in-law. They committed the cruel act allegedly because the woman happened to answer a call that came on her mobile from an unknown person. The woman has sustained burn injuries almost everywhere on her body including her private parts. Shockingly, when the victim reported the matter to the police, the cops did a cover up act and registered it as a petty case granting bail to the accused people at the station itself.

The incident came to light when one of a social worker Bhojraj Singh came to know of it and reported it to the media, higher authorities and the State Women Commission.  The victim 22 year old Jhamku was married to one Bhagga Gameti two years ago. A week ago she received a call from an unknown number which she happened to answer. Overhearing the conversation Bhagga and his father too spoke to the caller and when they could not identify the caller, they suspected Jhamku was having an illegal affair with the caller. Both the men physically tortured the helpless woman and not contented by the treatment, Bhagga took a hot iron (chimta) and branded her all over the body.

No one from the village came to her help and finally she fell unconscious. Jhamku’s mother in law too had a hand in instigating the men for the cruelty, the victim said.   Later she went to her parents home where she narrated the entire act. One of the villager informed the police and on February 26, Jhamku went to the station to lodge an official complaint. However, the police reported the act as mutual dispute and released the guilty people on bail at the station itself. The victim is said to be in much pain as she cant walk or even nurse her infant due to the intense burn injuries.


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