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Monday , August 21 2017
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Man arrested for killing wife, burning body

Udaipur : The Udaipur police have arrested a 40year-old man on Saturday for allegedly murdering his wife, burning her body and dumping it in a remote part in Peepalwas village under Kanod police station in Udaipur. The accused had killed his wife on Thursday night and dumped the body after burning it in a nearby jungle, however, some herders who saw the body burning informed the police and thus the matter came to light.

The victim identified as Kesari Bai had a fight with her husband Mangilal Ravat on November 10. The couple had been married for 2 years. Kesari had 4 children from her first marriage and her fifth child was just six months old. Mangilal suspected his wife for having an illicit relation and the duo had fought the night before. Mangilal lost his temper under the influence of alcohol and killed his wife by hitting her many times with a stone.

He took her body to the jungle to dispose it. He burnt the body and escaped but some people who spotted the burning body on Friday night informed the police. By the time the cops arrived, the body had reduced to ashes. Police arrested Mangilal on Saturday. The accused had served imprisonment earlier for murdering his first wife, police said.


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