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Sunday , August 20 2017
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Eight antique Udaipur sculptures find place of pride at Pinacothèque de Paris

UDAIPUR: Nayika, Laxmi, Devangana, Sura Sundari – the nymphs and celestial sculptures from the City Palace museum, Udaipur are mesmerizing art lovers from across the globe these days. The brilliant artwork, depicting the historic temple art of Mewar, have found place in an unusual exhibition which began on October 2 in Paris at the Pinacotheque museum. The event boasting of a rare and selected collection of some 350 pieces of exotic artwork from 15 countries is based on the theme ‘The Kama-Sutra: Spirituality and erotism in Indian art’.

“One of our eight pieces of priceless beauties on display, is the delicate feminine figurine of a Sura Sundari (Celestial Beauty), dating back to 1000-1100 CE, while five other sculptures include that of Bhairav and Yam belong to 1100-1200 CE,” said Bhupendra Singh Auwa, the chief administrative officer of the Maharana Mewar charitable foundation.

The exhibition is a platform that explains the erotic aesthetics specific to the Indian cultural life and to Hinduism as it developed over the last 1,500 years. The event features antique collections from public museums and private art collectors in India and other countries like Musee Guimet (Paris), the Reitberg (Zurich), the Cinquantenaire Museum (Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels), the art collection of Johan Mattelaer and Guy Martens’ museum, and the remarkable collection of Beroze and Michel Sabatier – sculptures, paintings, miniatures, objects of daily life, “pillow books”, illustrated works that were offered to the newlyweds until the 19th Century is on display. Dr Alka Pandey of the National Museum, New Delhi and Marc Restellini, director of the Pinacotheque de Paris are the curators for the event which will carry on till January 11.


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