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Sunday , August 20 2017
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Leopard kills mother, take away three-year-old in Dungerpur

Udaipur : In a pathetic incident that took place on Sunday midnight at Rani Ghata village, situated at some 14 kilometers from the Dungerpur district headquarters, a leopard killed a woman and took away her three year old child. Fear gripped the entire area as the forest, police department and villagers went on a joint search operation throughout the day. Rescue team led by shooter Satnam Singh was sent from Udaipur to trace the leopard who has reportedly been sighted in the area earlier too. Following reports of sighting, forest department had kept cage some days back but the unfortunate incident happened.

Kali Bai (34) was fast asleep with her little son Subash outside her hut which is situated on a ‘taapra’ (hillock). Her husband Mahendra Roat did petty labour job in Gujarat . The couple had three children, elder one lived with Kali’s brother on another village while the second one had been at his paternal grandparents place near his parents house. Kali and Subhash were alone on Sunday night when the leopard attacked. Since it was a scattered settlement, villagers didn’t hear noises in the night and only came to know about the incident in the morning.

When Kali didn’t turn up to collect milk as usual in the morning, her mother-in-law went looking for them. No one was inside the house but then the old lady saw blood stains and pugmarks outside, thus knowing that a leopard had attacked. Cops from Varda police station rushed to the spot and found Kali’s body from a secluded spot while the child was no where found.

“ Since the woman has been killed, there is little chance of the child to be alive but we have laid a search operation to trace him and the animal” said Dhanpat Singh Rathore, the ACF. The rescue team is equipped with tranquilizers and other needed instruments to trap the big cat, he said.


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