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Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Leopard cub rescued in Udaipur

Udaipur : Chaos prevailed in Kundal village of Balicha near Udaipur city for some hours on Friday after a leopard cub fell into the trap laid by the forest department. Panic hit when the cub suddenly gained consciousness even after being tranquilized. The animal pounced on the onlookers who ran helter-skelter to save themselves. Later the cub ran into an opposite direction and fell uncounscious.

It was later lifted and taken away in a sack. The trap was laid by the forest department after receiving continuous complaint from the villagers who were terror struck of spotting the beast in their village vicinity. On Friday morning, as the news spread of the cub being caught in the net, large number of people had gathered. The rescue team lead by shooter Satnam Singh tranquilized the animal but when they were about to move it, the cub suddenly gained consciousness for some time. Fortunately, it fell down after running some distance. “ It was a small cub which happened to appear in the area accidently. He is fine and was released in the nearby forest area later evening” said Rahul Bhatnagar, chief conservator of forest-wild life.


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