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Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Lakhs throng ‘Beneshwar’ to take holy dip on Maagh Poornima

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Udaipur : More than five lakh devotees thronged the ‘Triveni Sangam’ (confluence of three rivers Som, Mahi, Jhakam) at Beneshwar Dham in Dungarpur district to take the holy dip on the auspicious occasion of Maagh Poornima on Tuesday. The ‘Sangam’ is considered as the path to moksha, good health and all the blessings. The district administration deployed many platoons of police and officers on duty for the security and safety of the pilgrims. Besides cultural and devotional shows, a missing persons’ counter was also opened to help the public. The devotees have been congregated here since last evening.

Beneshwar 1 Beneshwar 2 Beneshwar 3 Beneshwar 4 Beneshwar 5Beneshwar , is situated in a triangular piece of land near the borders of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat and hence gets lakhs of devotees each year from the these states this day. The confluence of three rivers has as much importance as that of the temples here with hundreds of people specially from the tribal community coming here to have the holy dip in the river and darshan at the temple. For centuries, the tribal have kept assembling here to feel blessed after bathing in the sacred waters. Devotees also take delight to participate in the annual fair which is held here from Maagh Ekadashi. For them, it is a bigger ‘tirtha’ than Pushkar, Prayag and Kashi itself. This is why Beneshwar is considered to be the Pushkar of Vagad and the fair as Kumbha of Vanvasis.

In Vagad dialect, an island is called ‘Ben’ and an ancient temple of lord Shiva is here , hence giving the name Beneshwar – the lord of the Ben. According to the legend, a great saint Mavji performed his tapasya here. He gave the people the message of devotion to lord Krishna and preached the principles of love, humanity and brotherhood. The tribal consider him to be an incarnation of lord Vishnu. Even today they have great reverence for Mavji who is believed to have had made many predictions in his five books called ‘Chopras’. People say that most of the predictions have proved correct..


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