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Thursday , August 24 2017
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Lake Palace Udaipur

What may have begun as a defiant gesture was turned into one of the most romantic hotels in the world, by Maharana Bhagat Singh in 1963. Being a far-sighted man, he realized that the Maharajas were in the twilight o their glory and should quickly seek alternatives to preserve their heritage. The Maharana recognized the potential of the Lake Palace’s romantic location. Its reconstruction began in 1959. In 1963 the Lake Palace opened its doors to its first guests. And in 1971 the Taj took over the hotel Lake Palace, adding 75 luxurious rooms. Giving you a glimpse of elegance and extravagance that had thus far been reserved for royalty.

Paradise beside the Lily Pond
The Shimmering Lake Pichhola surrounds the Lake Palace Hotel with a unique mystique, all its own. The Lily pond seems to carry that very mystique inside, in the center of the Palace. Here, dining is a pleasure during the day. And magic at night. The effect is that of time coming to a standstill. Nothing intrudes you privacy, peace and tranquility, leaving you to wonder if paradise can be this serene.

The Palace of Romance
The Lake Palace was conceived in romance. The location of Lake Palace Hotel, too, is testimony, floating in the center of the shimmering waters of Lake Pichhola. Where each sunrise is more beautiful than the last. And no night quite like the other. Where you and your beloved can dine under a canopy of stars, while gently gliding over the placid waters of the lake. With the palace casting its long reflection over calm water, lending the night a magical aura.


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