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Thursday , August 17 2017
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‘Khatoon’ film on the backdrop of India-China war!

'Khatoon' film on the backdrop of India-China war!

In Bollywood there is no shortage of patriotic movies but under the direction of Ram Ramesh Sharma, the movie ‘Khatoon’ along with patriotism will also make you face to face with a brave soldier’s love story. In this film which is being made on the backdrop of the Indo-China war in 1962, Actor Santosh Shukla, who plays an instrumental role in Salman Khan’s ‘Jai Ho’ is starting his film career as the main actor, the film’s lead actress Revati Chetri is making her Bollywood debut with this film. According to producer Anita Agarwal and Utkar’ssh Agrawal of ‘Khatoon’, the story is about the love of Santosh Shukla and Revati’s character. This is the story of that period when Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh) was in the possession of China. Take a look!

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