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Sunday , August 20 2017
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Kerala, Tripura and Bengal are the real growth examples- Choudhary

Jitendra_Choudhary-Minister_Tripura_Govt.Udaipur: Jitendra Choudhary, Tripura’s minister for industries, IT and rural development said’ Despite the rule of the pro-capitalists parties at the centre, it’s the sincere and hard efforts put in by the Communist Party of India-M, that Tripura has the party led government for the fifth term’. Choudhary was in here on Wednesday, addressing a public meeting for the support of Rajesh Singhvi, the CPI-M candidate from Udaipur constituency. Choudhary said ‘ Its due to the indulgence of the politicians and leaders of both the major parties in corrupt practices, degrading ethical values and daily exposed scams that the common people have begun losing faith in democracy and the system in general. All are weighed and evaluated as bad while this is not true”. Citing the growth examples of Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura which had seen CPI led governments, Choudhary said “ No leaders from the party in these states have faced shame or been accused of severe charges as it is the case with the politicians and ministers in other states led by major parties” Accusing the major parties for favoring the capitalist and the super riches , Choudhary said “ How can they justify the tickets which have been alloted to the relatives and friends of those politicians who have been sentenced for severe criminal and corruption charges? Subhasini Ali , member of the party and the president of the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) also addressed the public.


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