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Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Ishqbaaz : Romance is in the air for Anika and Shivaay

Image result for Romance is in the air for Anika and ShivaayRelated imageRelated imageThe latest episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Anika asking Shivaay where he is going. He tells her he will be back in an hour. Anika doesn’t want him to go since she would have to leave the house in two days. Shivaay teases her about their first night after the sangeet. He plants a kiss on her cheek and leaves.

Pinky enters the scene and warns Anika yet again. Anika is left confused and saddened. She goes to her room and opens Shivaay’s cupboard. She is lost in nostalgia and ends up picking Shivaay’s watch. It reminds her of Daimaa’s video that Mrs. Kapoor had threatened Shivaay about.

Pinky and Kamini meet at the latter’s place. Pinky comments on Kamini’s status. Kamini counters Pinky by saying that she has no place in her house, neither does her son listen to her. Pinky tells her Shivaay can do anything for her. But Kamini refuses to believe her. She also questions Pinky being Shivaay’s mother.


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