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Thursday , August 17 2017
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IIT Hyderabad to launch two new B. Tech Courses

The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H) has decided to launch two new courses under its four-year regular B.Tech program. The two new courses would be launched in the next academic year that is 2017-18.

The courses that the IIT-H has decided to introduce from 2018 are B.Tech. (Minor in Design) and B.Tech. (Engineering Mathematics). The courses are introduced keeping in mind the interest of students as well as that of employers who are looking for these skills in the candidates. The courses would not only increase the employability credits of a student in the job market but would also provide them with an opportunity to explore higher study options in this direction, said, an IIT-H official.

Courses to aid the need for new skills required in the market

 The Director of IIT-H, Mr. U.B. Desai said, that multi-disciplinary areas are constantly emerging not only within the academic world but also within the industry. These areas require new ways of thinking and new skills and new courses aimed at fulfilling such emergent requirements.

Mr. Desai emphasized the point that courses like these are an example of what the requirements of the industrial setup are nowadays and what skills they desire from an engineering graduate in order to employ him.

Professor Neelkantan while discussing about the B.Tech (Minor in Design) course, he said that the creative thinking, lateral and non-linear thinking, innovative spirit, experiencing technology, and entrepreneurial components are some of the key highlights of this course which would compel the students to opt for it

Initial Intake would be limited                    

The initial intake of students in this course would be limited to a few seats and will be expanded later on after analyzing the response from the candidates. As per the IIT-H officials, the initial intake would be anywhere between 15 to 20 seats.

The minor in design course would also include creative product design, principles of animation and moving images, digital heritage, visual communication and digital imaging, built-environment/urban space design, special topics on design, introduction to ergonomics and design, word and image immersion, movement art, technology and environmental installations and performances.

Other IITs to offer such courses

 Courses similar in nature to what the IIT-H is going to launch are already offered in many IITs. IIT-Guwahati and IIT-Delhi are already offering B.Tech in mathematics and computing respectively as a part of their four-year regular B.Tech program. IIT-Kanpur and IIT-(BHU) Varanasi are also offering integrated dual degree courses that save one year of time which would be otherwise consumed by going the traditional way of PG after UG.

Launching of such practical based courses enhances the credibility of an engineering candidate both in terms of knowledge and skills said, an education expert. Engineering is all about application of technology, those who are looking for jobs after B.Tech should know the skill set that is in demand in the market. Courses like this provide an opportunity for the candidates to sharpen their employability skills right from the very outset said, a former IIT-H alumnus.



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