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Saturday , July 22 2017
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Google Boosts Gmail Attachment Limit to 50 MB for Recipients

While Google offers users other ways of sharing very large files, the company knows that email is often the go-to solution for getting important Word documents, PDFs or Powerpoint presentations into colleagues’ or customers’ hands. That’s why on Wednesday Google announced that Gmail will now support incoming attachments of up to 50 MB.

Sending attachments of that size via Gmail, however, remains a no-no as the application will still only allow users to send attachments of no more than 25 MB, Google said in a blog post.

If you want to share larger files, users will have to turn to other applications in the G Suite set of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools. “[J]ust as before, you can use Google Drive to send larger attachments,” Google said.

Keep Now Part of G Suite

Earlier this week, Google also expanded its G Suite offerings with the addition of Keep. Launched in 2013, the cloud-based app for quickly taking notes and saving ideas is now part of G Suite and is integrated with Google Docs.

Online users working on Google Docs can access notes saved in Keep via the Tools menu. From there, they can drag Keep notes directly into documents, search their notes or even highlight text in Google Docs to add to their Keep notes.

The Keep integration is available on the Web as well as on Android, iOS and Chrome. Any saved notes — whether hand-typed or transcribed from voice commands — are synced across devices via Google Drive.

New Features for Allo

Google has also been making a number of changes and upgrades to G Suite in recent months. In late January, for instance, the company rolled out a variety of new “enterprise-grade” controls and visibility tools for its cloud offering.

Those additions included new security and access controls for enterprise…


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