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Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Gappi, come soon! We’re missing you…..

Abhinav-NagoriUdaipur : Two days after the crash of the naval aircraft in the Arabian sea, family, friends and relatives of Abhinav Nagori, the missing pilot from Udaipur have been waiting desperately for some piece of relief from the Naval headquarters. While his cousins and friends back home have taken to the social media to plead to the Navy to find ‘ Gappi’ (Abhinav’s nickname), his father and few of his relatives are in Goa participating someway in the search operation.

Abhinav NagoriAbhinav’s father Dharamchand Nagori, who went inside the sea with the rescue team on Wednesday evening found some clothes, goggles and watch which he identified to be of his son. However, they are yet to get any clue of the two missing persons. “ According to the officials, navy officers are trained such that they can survive upto 72 hours in emergency situation. I just pray and hope we are able to trace him before the lapse” said a teary father who is keeping his emotions and fears in control so as to appear strong enough before his wailing wife and daughters back home in Udaipur.

A marine crane has to been summoned to service from Goa which commenced its operation on Wednesday evening. Two specialist divers have been deployed in different directions to track the officers deep sea, relatives updated from Goa.The Naval team is also said to have spot the aircraft debris some 300 feet deep inside the sea which will be pulled out by the crane.

Meanwhile at Udaipur, Abhinav’s family members continue to pray for his safety. Sushila Nagori, his mother has hardly eaten or slept after the news of her missing son. She kept awake past night waiting for updates from her husband. But despite the intolerable pain, the DIET principal didn’t shed away from her job responsibilities and answered all the phone calls from the office related to the ongoing 8th board examinations in the district. Employees of the education department, community members and acquaintances have been visiting their home to inquire about the progress of the search mission. On the other hand Abhinav’s cousins and friends have resorted to the social media like Facebook and whatsapp etc to get some help. “ Indian Navy please, find our brother soon” read a message send by Saloni, Abinav’s cousin. “ We are proud of you but come home soon Gappi…we are missing you” read another message.


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