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Friday , August 18 2017
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Four in a row, chain pullers turn challenge for Udaipur police

Udaipur : With four incidents of snatching in five days, chain pullers are posing tough challenge before the Udaipur police. Repeated incidents of chain snatching in the city has also panicked the common specially women who are hesitant to go out alone now after dusk.  In the latest case, a 65-year old lady fell victim of chain snatching at sector 14, the police even got a CCTV footage from a nearby shop, but the culprits are yet to be caught.

On February 23, Mangidevi Soni, another elderly woman who was returning home from Bohra Ganeshji temple here, faced attack from bikers who pulled her chain. The broad day light incident has shocked even the police as the area is densly populated one with lively traffic throughout the day owing to the temple visitors. Offenders generally target women outskirts city and deserted areas and escape without leaving clue to the police. According to a police officer, chain snatching has turned easiest and high income giving crime these days. Police suspects young boys behind these crimes. Earlier too, when chain pulling had been at peak some months back, police had nabbed youngsters who confessed to have committed the crimes for a lavish life and meeting luxurious demands like mobile and laptops.

Cops have cautioned the public to take safety measures while going outside home with gold chain and call police as soon as possible on 100 number if the incident happens, which helps police to track the offender. In one of the incident on February 21, Pushpa Devi, a middle aged woman was stopped by some men who threatened her of police checking ahead and asked her to take off her gold jewelry. The robbers escaped with a gold chain, bangles and Mangalsutra. Police department is emphasizing on creating awareness among public and also increased patrolling in the entire city specially those areas where the similar crimes happened multiple times.” People should not fall prey to ones falsely claiming police checking because the department doesn’t do anything like that” said Dr Rajesh Bharadwaj, the additional SP. Chain snatchers work on a fixed pattern of riding a double seat bike speedily and fleeing after snatching the gold chain in the neck of women. Most of the times the bikes used for such crimes are stolen ones without a number. Victims should immediatelt inform to 100 number within seconds or minutes, which help police to block the exit points of city and nab the culprit. The delay of victims informing police helps culprits to exit the city, the officer said.


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