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Friday , August 18 2017
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Fake recruitment racket from Alwar dupe 26 lakhs from job seekers in Udr-Chittor

Udaipur : A complaint of fraud has been registered in Udaipur against a fake recruitment racket having members from Alwar and Ajmer that duped them of 26 lakh rupees against guaranteed recruitment as second grade teachers in the education department. Most of the members of the racket are from Alwar and Kishangarh who duped the young job seekers from rural areas of Udaipur and Chittorgarh district. The complaint was filed at the court here under 156 (3) of the CrPC which has been registered at the Surajpole police station.

‘Tejshankar son of RameshChandra Sharma , resident of Chittorgarh, and others have filed complaint against Rohit Sharma from Akola (Chittorgarh), Firoj Ali from Ajmer, Saiyyad Ismail from Kishangarh, and Gaffur Khan of Alwar for duping them of money’ said Ramesh Sharma, the SHO. ‘Tejshankar and other pleaders Jagdish Menaria, Jaya Kothari, Ashfaq, Parmeshwar Chowdhary, Ashish Khateek , Ghansyam Jat, Dinesh, and Rajkumar Khateek have given a complaint that a racket duped them by taking huge sums of money in advance on the pretext of providing them jobs as second grade teachers’ said Bharat Yogi, the investigation officer.

According to Tejshankar, he had known Rohit, a lab technician in Akola for some time. Rohit made him believe that he knew some persons who had high connections with officers in the RPSC who could help him get assured recruitment as a teacher in the second grade. Rohit also arranged for a meeting with his friends at a hotel in Udaipur some time back. Tejshanker met all the other accused at the hotel who demanded an advance payment of 3 lakh rupees against the recruitment. They told him that many jobseekers had been benefited of their connections earlier too and thus he could trust them.

Tejshanker handed over the sum to the accused who assured that soon he would be issued selection letter. Later when the victim tried to contact the accused persons, his calls were unanswered. After some time all the cell numbers were told to be switched off permanently. Fearing a forgery Tejshankar confronted Rohit Sharma who could not provide a satisfactory answer on the whereabouts of the other people. Up on enquiring further, it was later known that these people had duped many other job seeking youth from various rural areas in Udaipur and Chittorgarh. The racket members have fled after collecting some 26 lakh rupees from these people on pretext of providing jobs. The victims mustered courage and thus lodged a plaint against the racket. The police has begun the investigation.


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