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Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Ex-Sarpanch behind the blast to get election postponed

Udaipur : Seven persons including an ex- sarpanch of Jhadol panchayat have been arrested and taken to police remand on Wednesday in connection with the blast at a polling station at Khankhad village last week. Three employees on election duty were hurt in the explosion with one of them having sustained serious injuries. The blast was done on Friday night, just few hours before the polling next day, so as to hamper the voting process and get election postponed here. Ex sarpanch Dharmesh’s wife Asha devi who is an Anganbadi worker had filed nomination for the sarpanch post but the returning officer had rejected the papers as her resignation had not been accepted. This had led to a heated conversation between the officer and Dharmesh who even warned to face consequences.

The police arrested Dharmesh alias Dharmilal Vadera , Durgesh Bhaat, Dinesh Trivedi, Mangi Lal Vadera, Devi Lal Vadera, Kanhaiya Lal Vadera and Shankar Lal Vadera on Tuesday upon the complaint by Rajkumar Kulshreshta, one of the employee who was hurt in the blast. Rajkumar had been with the team having Bhagwan Das and Mukesh Mittal who were busy in preparations for the voting on the next morning. Suddenly a detonator that fell on the tin roof of the building had exploded with a loud noise, damaging one of the room where these employees were stationed. “ The culprits were drunk and they had planned explosion at a center place inside the school building, however, the detonator fell over the roof and exploded” said Hanuman Prasad Meena, the additional SP. During interrogation, it was known that Dharmesh and his men had planned the blast so as to hamper the voting process the next day and get elections postponed so that his wife Asha could file nominations again after getting her resignation accepted. The accused have been arrested under sections 332,353,307 and 280 of IPC. The detonator used for the blast is one used by miners and police is trying to find the source from where these men procured it.


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