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Friday , August 18 2017
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Dissatisfied flyers demote Rajasthan airports in customer satisfaction survey

Jodhpur airport which stood at the top position in Jan-June 2014 came tumbling to the 11th place this time while Udaipur which was at the 5th position in the first half yearly assessment, slipped by two steps attaining the 7thrank

Udaipur airportUdaipur : It seems airport users in Rajasthan are looking out for much more as  they have expressed their discontentment with the facilities at Jodhpur and Udaipur ports and their ratings have slipped these two from the top 5 positions among the country’s 50 airports in the recent  customer satisfaction survey (CSS) by the Airport authority of India (AAI). Jodhpur airport which stood at number 1 position in the  CSS for Jan-June 2014 came tumbling to the 11thplace this time while Udaipur which was at the 5th position in the first half yearly assessment, slipped by two steps attaining the 7th rank this time. The ratings come on a five point scale judged on 33 parameters which includes ground transport, flight connectivity, waiting comfort, cleanliness, wifi-internet services, security measures, staff courtesy and efficiency, eating and shopping facilities, ambience, custom inspection, baggage delivery etc. Of the airports surveyed, those at Agatti, Allahabad, Jorhat, Imphal and Dimapur have badly disappointed the flyers with their facilities and services, as these stand on the bottom ranks respectively. This survey is intended for airports that handle less than 15 lakh passengers per annum. There is a separate survey carried out to assess customer satisfaction for private airports in the metros.

In the customer satisfaction index (July-Dec 14) Udaipur scored 4.65 points on the five point rating scale which is a plus .05 score as compared to its rating of 4.60 points in round 1st held in Jan-June earlier this year. However, the increase in scores didn’t seem to impress the passengers who gave comparatively low scores to the airport in terms of speed of baggage delivery, shopping facilities, check-in efficiency and eating facilities. In terms of cleanliness, Udaipur scored 4.93 rank. Meanwhile aiport users at Jodhpur were apparently turned off not only by the inadequate eating and shopping facilities and value of money for these, but the ambience, on screen flight information, cleanliness and comfort aspects too was much appreciated. Jodhpur airport that held the first rank with 4.71 score in the first half of the year, was pushed to the 11 position with 4.55 points this time. The survey covers all airport users viz., passengers, visitors, concessionaires, regulatory agencies, employees working at the airports, airlines exporters, importers, pilots etc by adopting systematic stratified sampling techniques. The customer satisfaction level is measured on half yearly basis and tested for significant improvement/deterioration. In case of deterioration, the responsible Airport Directors are advised to take corrective steps and to ensure improvement in the next round. The airport registering improvement in customer satisfaction are given higher targets for the following years and thus a continuous improvement in Airport Services is ensured by monitoring customer satisfaction level and continuously improving the facilities.


Airports included in the survey

Jodhpur, Chandigarh ,Trichy, Udaipur, Bhubneswer ,Madurai, Indore, Bhopal, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Varanasi, Port Blair, Aurangabad, Vishakhapatnam, Raipur, Tirupati , Vadodara ,Surat , Amritsar , Hubli, Porbandar, Kangra, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Bagdogra Agartala, Mangalore, Jamnagar, Ranchi, Rajkot, Rajahmundry, Jammu, Leh, Dibrugarh, Agra, Patna Gorakhpur, Vijayawada ,Gaya, Jabalpur, Silchar Barapani, Tuticorin, Allahabad, Jorhat, Khajuraho , Imphal , Dimapur , Agatti.


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