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Friday , August 18 2017
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Constable Thrashed By Eves For Teasing, Arrested

Udaipur : Eve teasing proved costly for a constable here on Tuesday, who was not only thrashed up by the girls badly but landed into police custody after getting humiliated publicly. The incident that took place at  middle of the main bazaar at DelhiGate, hardly few steps away from the police control room came as a shock for the public who couldn’t believe that an constable on duty  could behave indecently in an intoxicated state in broad day light.

Balu Singh, a chalani guard posted in the police line here was standing at the Delhi Gate market when he saw two young girls purchasing at a nearby shop. He passed lewd comments on them which the girls  initially had ignored but when the cop crossed his limits by trying to get physical with them, the girls didn’t wait for help. The girls, who were outsiders but living in Udaipur for studies, held the cop by his clothes and started beating him black and blue. People had gathered in large number to see the girls dealing alone with the teaser.

Later they dragged him to the police control room from where the cops took them to the Dhanmandi police station. The constable was in an intoxicated state and even abused media persons and others who tried to speak to him at the station. Later he was taken for a medical check up and booked under sections of eve teasing and creating nuisance in drunk state. “ It is disappointing and shameful for the department when cops are accused of behaving indecently, a case has been lodged” said Rajendra Singh Jain, the SHO of Dhanmandi police station.


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