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Monday , July 24 2017
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Cisco Launches New ‘Intent-Based’ Networking To Stop Cyberattacks

Networking giant Cisco said recently that it has a new network solution that will be able to identify malware even when it is encrypted by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. The new approach is based on an “intent-based” software tool, called Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA), which independently identifies abnormalities in data traffic.

Cisco said ETA helps networks operate more intuitively, thanks to the intent-based approach that allows it to anticipate attacks, evolve, and learn. The new technology has already been deployed to 75 different client systems, including NASA, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Wipro.

A Software-Based Approach

The company described its new technology as a fundamental shift in its approach toward how networks are built, moving from a hardware-centric perspective to one that is driven primarily by software. Cisco said the new approach helps makes networks more agile and productive while also helping them perform better.

Because ETA focuses on the perceived intent of a piece of software, it can automate many more processes, making it possible to manage millions of devices in just minutes. Cisco said being able to manage networks at that scale will be increasingly crucial as their level of complexity continues to expand exponentially.

ETA also gleans information about the data traffic based on its context, something Cisco said previous system technologies have not been able to do. The ability of the network to use contextual information to evaluate a potential threat allows it to operate more securely and more quickly, the company said.

A DNA Suite

But the introduction of ETA was only one of many new products and upgrades the company launched for enterprise clients today. Cisco also unveiled a suite of Digital Network Architecture (DNA) services that are designed to work together.

That includes DNA Center, a management dashboard for IT teams that offers…


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