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Cipla concludes divestment of Cipla Vet, Cipla Agrimed

Cipla has fulfilled the closing condition in relation to the divestment of Cipla Agrimed Proprietary (Cipla Agrimed), South Africa and Cipla Vet Proprietary (Cipla Vet), South Africa. Consequently, Cipla Vet and Cipla Agrimed have ceased to be subsidiaries of Inyanga Trading 386 Proprietary with effect from June 01, 2017.

Earlier in March, the company had entered into agreements, through its wholly owned subsidiary Inyanga Trading 386 Proprietary (Inyanga), with the group companies of Ascendis Health, South Africa for divesting its animal health business in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Cipla Agrimed operates in the farm animals segment, with sales mainly attributable to agricultural co-operatives and bulk farm purchasing organizations. Cipla Agrimed has a leading position in antimicrobials and endectocides in South Africa.

Cipla Vet operates in the companion animal segment with sales primarily to wholesalers. Cipla Vet has a strong presence in the South African market, with leading positions in Proton Pump Inhibitors, Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) and supplements.

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