Sunday , May 20 2018
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Tesla and NTSB Clash Over Fatal Crash Investigation

As the back-and-forth over who or what was at fault in the recent fatal crash of a Tesla Model X vehicle in Mountain View continues, the electric carmaker has said it has withdrawn from the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation into the matter. But the federal agency said it had ... Read More »

Amazon Officially Owns Ring, Bolstering Smart Home Push

Amazon’s reported $1bn acquisition of video-doorbell maker Ring has closed, giving the company a significant lead over rival Google in the potentially lucrative home security market. The deal, announced in February and closed today, means Amazon now owns a leader in DIY video security systems. Ring makes popular wireless doorbells ... Read More »

Zuckerberg Flubs Facebook Privacy Commitment Details

Over two days of questioning in Congress, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he didn’t know key details of a 2011 consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission that requires Facebook to protect user privacy. With congressional hearings over and no immediate momentum behind calls for regulation, the biggest hammer ... Read More »

AMD Unveils Second-Generation Ryzen Processors

AMD has announced preorders on Ryzen 2nd generation processors are officially live now and the chips are due to arrive on April 19. AMD’s newest processor family includes four processors: the Ryzen 7 2700X, Ryzen 7 2700, Ryzen 5 2600X and Ryzen 5 2600. Both the Ryzen 7 2700X and ... Read More »

NASA Ups Its Planet-Hunting Game with the Launch of TESS

On a cold, clear night in January, MIT astrophysicist George Ricker and his students stepped onto a rooftop on campus and aimed a giant camera at the highest point in the sky. That camera, an engineering model of the four being launched with NASA ‘s TESS mission, revealed a night ... Read More »

After 2 Days of Congressional Hearings, What’s Next for Facebook?

The world learned a few new things during Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s second day of congressional testimony on Wednesday. One, Zuckerberg revealed he was among the 87 million Facebook users whose data was improperly accessed by the political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. And, two, Wall Street investors feel pretty positive about ... Read More »

RIP: Is It the End of the Road for Passwords?

A new web standard is expected to kill passwords, meaning users will no longer have to remember difficult logins for each and every website or service they use. The Web Authentication (WebAuthn) standard is designed to replace the password with biometrics and devices that users already own, such as a ... Read More »

IRS Boosts Customer Service, But Needs More Funding

The IRS has dramatically improved its customer service from the terrible days at the end of the Obama administration, but advocates of the agency say it still needs more money if it’s to set itself on firmer footing for the long haul. As of last month, as the annual tax ... Read More »