Sunday , August 1 2021


Try Innovatively Crafted Ayurvedic Make-Up Products That Nourish Your Skin

Today the lines between makeup and skin care are increasingly blurring! Acknowledging the avant-garde rise in the demand for clean and ayurveda-infused makeup formulations some of the well-known beauty brands in India have plunged into bottling innovatively mystical Ayurvedic makeup products that avouch to the contemporary concept of “makeup infused ... Read More »

Refresh Your Kurti Collection with These 5 Fabulous Styles

Breezy, comfortable, and versatile, beautiful kurtis are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. They are perfect if you like effortless style. Kurtis can be worn in many different ways. But with fresh, new trends surfacing every few months, it’s important to keep updating your collection. Today, onlinestores are flooded with ... Read More »

5 Best Rolex Watches Under 15,000 USD to Buy in 2021

When talking about sought-after luxury watch brands available in the horology market, there is no doubt that Rolex is always included on the list of top-pick Swiss watchmakers. With its collection of high-caliber timepieces in its extensive catalog, Rolex is indeed one of the sought-after brands. It caters to a ... Read More »

Can Litchi juice be consumed during off-season?

  Pink and sweet, Litchi is one of the most loved fruits in India, especially during summers. Litchi is widely grown all over India. States like Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand are the top Litchi-growing states in the country. In South India, Litchis are grown in Karnataka and ... Read More »

Contact Lens Hygiene: Stop Making These 5 Assumptions

When you’re handling a medical aid technology such as a contact lens, remember to consider science over self-made assumptions. This statement applies not just with regards to choosing the right types of contact lenses for yourself, but also for following contact lenses hygiene. For example, clean filtered water may be ... Read More »

3 Tips to Stay Healthy With a Sedentary Lifestyle

  The pandemic has changed our lives. Today, we spend a lot of time at the computer. We sit not only while working but also while watching, playing on or having a conversation with friends. Want to avoid negative consequences of such a lifestyle? Then follow these tips. Get ... Read More »

Common Mistakes We Make When Cleaning the Mattresses

One of the most common mistakes that I see people make while cleaning their mattresses is that they use the wrong cleaning agents. Many of us end up using the wrong kind of cleaning agents which in most cases are not strong enough to clean the mattresses without causing damage. ... Read More »

The Spirit of Tudor Watches Through the Years

Tudor is Rolex’s sister brand. This Swiss watch company, based in Geneva, was established in 1946 to produce retro-chic-styled, classic Tudor watches with high-quality mechanics and finishes at a reasonable price. This brand is classified as a trendsetter in the watch industry, regaling a wider audience. Tudor watches have become ... Read More »

14 Best Tissot Watches For Men in 2021

Tissot brought several watch collectors to this industry because they give high-quality watches. They have been producing luxury watches since 1853. The original company was founded through an independent network of workers that would develop different components of each timepiece at home.  The original Tissot timepieces were pendants, pockets, and ... Read More »

7 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Luxury Watches

Watches are always associated with men. If there’s one type of accessory that is important to most men, it’s their watches. They may not be very particular with other jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, or rings, but they are surely giving so much thought when it comes to choosing the ... Read More »

Erica Fernandes ups the glam quotient as she holidays in Maldives

‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’ fame Erica Fernandes is turning heads on social media with her alluring pictures. Bikini-clad Erica Fernandes is giving us major travel goals as she holidays in Maldives. The stunning actress shared some beautiful pictures from her vacation on social media, which soon went viral. The stylish actress ... Read More »

Doctors successfully performed “Awake brain surgery” on a 36years old patient at Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road for tumor removal

Bengaluru : A 36-year-old patient suffering from motor area tumor successfully underwent Awake brain surgery at Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road. The team of doctors led by Dr Satish Satyanarayana – Additional Director- Neuro Surgery along with Dr Simha-Senior Anaesthetist at Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road. Awake Brain Surgery or Awake Craniotomy is a surgical technique that enables surgeons to avoid injury to critical ... Read More »

Why should you choose pre approved personal loans

Do you receive messages from several banks stating you are eligible for a personal loan? If yes, you must look into it the next time you require instant funds! These reminders are from the money market to pass the information that you are eligible for a pre approved personal loan. ... Read More »

Adorable Nursery Painting Ideas for Your Little Ones

A nursery is the first home for your buddle of joy! As new parents’, blank nursery walls are like a canvas to create magic with few strokes of a brush. Some parents are clear in their ideas on how they want to paint and decorate the nursery, while other parents ... Read More »

An Introduction to Modern Dating Websites

According to psychology, it is common for people to develop romantic relationships by falling in love. However, most people fail to obtain love partners due to busy work schedules or lack of confidence when physically flittering with the opposite sex. Improved technology and internet access have made dating much easier ... Read More »