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Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Bullied over haircut, class 7 student attempt suicide

Udaipur : A class seven student of the Delhi Public School here have been admitted in a private hospital after he was spotted lying unconscious outside the hostel building in the school premises on Wednesday afternoon by the school authorities. The twelve year old boy from Banswara had been a hosteler for four years as his family lived in the Middle East. While the school authorities claim it to be an accident, sources say, the boy had jumped off from the second floor of the boarding for being bullied by the authorities over hair styling . The boy who was forced to cut short his hair a week ago was apparently depressed after being ridiculed by his peers. On Thursday Sahil’s father Shahid Khan arrived Udaipur. The boys health has improved though he is in observation and is not in a state to speak, doctors said.

According to a report given at the Sukher police station by Neeru Tandon, the school principal, Sahil Khan a class seven student was spotted lying unconscious outside the hostel building. The boy had perhaps fell down thus sustaining injuries, said the report. However, according to sources Sahil was rebuked harshly by the warden and the principal for his long hair style and was forced to undergo a haircut few days back. Other children had mocked at his new hair style that had reportedly depressed him. On Wednesday after interval when the teacher called out the roll for attendance, Sahil was found missing. He was searched everywhere and someone spotted him lying outside the hostel building. Upon being questioned on how Sahil happened to be at the hostel during class hours, some one said it was for lunch while other held that the boy had gone to his room to fetch a copy. “ It is merely an accident and nothing beyond should be interpreted, we pray for his speedy recovery” said Neeru Tandon. “ The boy has been kept under observation. His parents were tensed and busy attending him so we havnt spoken to them, nor have they given any complaint against the school” Harendra Singh Soudha, SHO Sukher police station said.


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