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Thursday , August 17 2017
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Bigg Boss fame Nitibha Kaul gives a hard hitting reply to haters on Instagram

Image result for Nitibha KaulNitibha Kaul, who was seen in the 10th season of Bigg Boss, became a victim of social media bullying. She posted a video on her Instagram where she was dancing to a few popular songs however Instagram users started commenting on her post which disturbed her. People made cheap comments related to her as a person and makeup. Nitibhawas so shaken by the comments that she decided to delete the post.

She later re uploaded the post with her opinion on social media bullying where she wrote,”Had deleted this same post i’d made a few hours back owing to all the crappy comments I was getting. But then, I watched the third episode in Season 1 of the amazingly haunting @blackmirrorseries and realised- how social media perception is really messing our reality up. And then I realised- this is me, the real me.

Related imageMy expressions might seem like overacting to you, but they’re me, MY expressions. You feel like I raise my tattooed wrist up a lot more than I should in pictures and videos- to show off, but that’s my wrist, MY movement. You feel like i’m trying too hard, wearing too much makeup, MY body, MY face. Don’t like it? I’m not here to please you, but I surely am here to not loose myself, my free spiritedness and my identity because of what YOU say. After all, its ME that matters for myself. Love me for that? I’ll love you right back- why else would 350k of you want to know what i’m upto? Hate me for it? Too bad. It won’t be enough to stop me.


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