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Sunday , August 20 2017
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Beyhadh : Maya kills Samay, Arjun leaves her forever

Related imageIn the latest episode of Beyhadh, Samay threatens Maya that he will kill her child if she doesn’t listen to him. Maya agrees to do whatever Samay says for the sake of her child.

Samay tells Maya that the boat will be here and then they will escape and only the two of them and the child will be there in peace. She agrees to him but asks him to let her speak with Arjun for the last time. Samay lets her speak with Arjun but on one reason that this will be her last conversation with him.

On the other hand Arjun is worried about Maya and his mother Vandana tells him that probably Maya would have gone with him on her own. She wants him to leave Maya but Arjun gets angry and shouts at his mother and tells her he cannot leave his wife alone.


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