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Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Beyhadh : Arjun saves Janvi’s life

The episode of Beyhadhstarts with Maya trying to kill her mother Janvi in a bathtub. Maya tells her that she will not be able to see her mother die. Therefore she injects a medicine and gets unconscious.

On the other hand, Sanjh hides behind the door and cries thinking about her father’s death. Samay comes to her and asks her to be strong as she has to take care of her family now.

Sanjh tells him that if she would have not told her father to send the proof against Maya to her then he would have not gone to the power supply room. Samay tells her that its all written and Sanjh should not think about all this.

After sometime, Arjun comes back home and finds Maya lying on the floor and Janvi in the bathtub. He takes out Janvi and saves her. Arjun calls the doctor and she tells Arjun that Maya has a high blood presure problem.

Suddenly, Maya gets conscious and starts screaming for her mother. Arjun tells her that her mother is alright. Maya tells Arjun that she dosen’t like Arjun meeting Sanjh.

Maya then asks Arjun to choose between Maya and Sanjh. Arjun walks away from there.

Watch this space for more updates. Beyhadh airs on Sony Entertainment Television at 9 pm from Monday to Friday.


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