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Saturday , July 22 2017
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Best Things To Buy on Amazon Prime Day 2017

Black Friday in July for Amazon Prime subscribers returns July 11, when Amazon Prime Day rolls out its third year of big sales. You know the drill: $99-per-year Amazon Prime subscribers have a full day (and then some; sales start 9 p.m. ET on July 10) to scour rock-bottom prices for hot limited-time, limited-quantity deals rolled out every five minutes or so over 30 hours.

It’s a rollercoaster gamble for Amazon and its shoppers. In Year 1, Amazon was roundly criticized for dumping unpopular items, garage sale-like. Year 2 Prime Day news was dominated by ordering confusion via Amazon Echo, the in-home smart speaker starring digital assistant Alexa.

For a look at the possibilities of Amazon Prime Day 2017, we reached out to deals experts to see what we can expect to see on sale this year and for strategies to take advantage of those deals in the most effective ways. Here’s what we found:

Coarse Correction

In the build-up to last year’s Amazon Prime Day, Amazon took the hard lessons it learned from the initial rollout of Amazon Prime Day, in 2015, and adjusted.

“Amazon caught a lot of heat on social media for its first-ever Prime Day two years ago when the online giant offered less-than-stellar deals such as 10 cents off premium 4K HDTVs and 20% off on 2-inch shoehorns,” says consumer-finance expert Andrea Woroch. “Last year, however, Amazon doubled the offers to come back stronger and it certainly can be a great day to shop for savings if there are certain items you need. Shoppers can expect Lightning Deals throughout the day, which are the same time-sensitive offers Amazon promotes during the Black Friday holiday shopping weekend.”

Others concur Amazon has likely sharpened its focus on deals even more in 2017.

“Shoppers should get some relief from Prime Day frustrations,” says Benjamin Glaser…


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