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Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Beginner’s guide to rocking sex

There is always this first time that may make you a tad too nervous. And when it comes to talking and doing sex for the very first time, the jitters are palpable.

What if both of you are first timers and wanna make that first move. After all, losing your virginity is such a special moment that instead of letting the first time jitters overwhelm you, both of you should try to make it happen and in a way that both you folks will remember forever. Here’s how you can have a rocking sex in your first encounter:

Don’t go at it hammer and tongs: Well, this makes absolute sense and going overboard may just make you a tad more nervous. Take a deep breath; make it look easy for your partner. Don’t be on a hyperactive mode which will either make your partner nervous or take the charm of the union away by making either of you a bit intimidated by the idea.


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