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Sunday , August 20 2017
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Avinash Sachdev: How can they call me a wife beater and an alcoholic?

Image result for Avinash Sachdev hotTV actors Avinash Sachdevand Shalmalee Desai, who tied the knot in 2015, are going through tough times in their marriage and there have been rumours of the couple planning to separate.

Image result for Avinash Sachdev hotAvinash, who till now had dismissed the rumours, finally spoke out. He said, “They are calling me a wife beater, an alcoholic and what not! This is too much. All this is rubbish. We have some compatibility issues and we are trying to work them out in the best way possible.”

Related imageShalmalee, too, admitted there were issues between the couple. “Every marriage goes through its share of ups and downs and I guess this is a tough phase in our lives. But whatever issues we have right now will be resolved by Avinash, his parents, my parents and me. I don’t want anyone to read more than there is to this. Things have just been blown out of proportion,” she said.

What about talk of her missing the arclights post marriage? “I started acting on a whim and now I am happy writing screenplays. It was my decision to stay away from acting after marriage. Avinash never stopped me,” she clarified.

About rumours that she is possessive and doesn’t like Avinash meeting his friends, she said, “Avinash and I have our own set of friends. It’s not true that I am against him going out with his friends or meeting people. We both give each other enough space.”


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