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Co-evolution between a ‘parasite gene’ and its host

A Danish research team has delineated a complex symbiosis between a ‘parasitic’ noncoding RNA gene and its protein coding ‘host’ gene in human cells. The study reveals how co-evolution of the host gene and parasite gene has shaped a feedback mechanism in which the parasite gene plays a completely new ... Read More »

Best colocation hosting in 2018

Buying a conventional hosting package allows customers to rent space on a server owned by a hosting provider, and located in a third-party data centre. These are good value and easy to access, but you don't get full control over the hardware and how it's set up. Even dedicated server ... Read More »

Delays to 4G ESN costing police £330m a year

Police Forces across England and Wales are spending a combined £330 million a year to extend the life of old equipment due to delays in implementing the 4G-powered Emergency Services Network (ESN). A report from the National Audit Office (NAO) noted that the project is now 18 months behind schedule, ... Read More »

How heartfelt guilt affects individuals

For thousands of years, people have closely associated moral cleanliness with acts of physical cleanliness. A recent study published in the Australian Journal of Psychology explored this association by eliciting guilt, a threat to one’s moral purity. In the study, guilt was elicited by asking participants to remember personal actions ... Read More »

Wear OS: Google’s new name for Android Wear explained

Update: New features are coming to Wear OS to make it smarter and easier to navigate. Google's Wear OS is the new name for Android Wear, so if you were expecting to see Android Wear 3, please reset your smartwatch software expectations. Google's official reasoning for the name change is ... Read More »

Green tea compound helps siRNA slip inside cells

Drinking green tea has been linked to health benefits ranging from cardiovascular disease prevention to weight loss. Although many of these claims still need to be verified in the clinic, an antioxidant in green tea called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) appears to have beneficial effects in cells and animals. Now, researchers ... Read More »

Foraging of mountain gorillas for sodium-rich foods

A new Biotropica study examines mountain gorillas in Rwanda and their foraging for sodium-rich food in both national park areas and lands managed by local communities. Obtaining sodium likely creates an incentive for the gorillas to leave park areas and make forays into high-altitude habitat. Both locations are not without ... Read More »

Chemicals linked to endocrine disorder in older pet cats

New research suggests that there may be a link between higher levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment and higher levels of hyperthyroidism in pet cats as they age. The findings are published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. PFAS are a family of more than 3,000 structures ... Read More »

Nucleation a boon to sustainable nanomanufacturing

Calcium carbonate is found nearly everywhere, in sidewalk cement, wall paint, antacid tablets and deep underground. Engineers at Washington University in St. Louis have used a unique set of state-of-the-art imaging techniques to discover how calcium carbonate nanoparticles nucleate, which is important for those manufacturing the carbonate nanomaterials and controlling ... Read More »

Young children’s oral bacteria may predict obesity

Weight gain trajectories in early childhood are related to the composition of oral bacteria of two-year-old children, suggesting that this understudied aspect of a child’s microbiota — the collection of microorganisms, including beneficial bacteria, residing in the mouth — could serve as an early indicator for childhood obesity. A study ... Read More »

Creating 3D printed ‘motion sculptures’ from 2D videos

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has often credited his success to spending countless hours studying his opponent’s movements on film. This understanding of movement is necessary for all living species, whether it’s figuring out what angle to throw a ball at, or perceiving the motion of predators and prey. But simple ... Read More »

Why do we love bees but hate wasps?

A lack of understanding of the important role of wasps in the ecosystem and economy is a fundamental reason why they are universally despised whereas bees are much loved, according to UCL-led research. Both bees and wasps are two of humanity’s most ecologically and economically important organisms. They both pollinate ... Read More »

OnePlus TV: what we want to see

You'll likely know OnePlus as the fast-growing smartphone brand from China, which found a huge following for making high-spec handsets that still manage to sharply undercut the increasingly astronomical price of the competition (we're looking at you, iPhone XS Max). OnePlus is now looking to repeat the trick with a ... Read More »

Sony’s robot puppy Aibo is looking for a US forever home

Whether you’re a golden retriever fanatic, a pug admirer, or a chihuahua enthusiast, you have to admit that being a dog lover can be a little frustrating at times. As much as we adore our canine companions, they wreak havoc on our homes, shedding fur, chewing slippers, and having ‘accidents’ ... Read More »