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Monday , August 21 2017
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Activists Petition CCTV Coverage At Ghats To Shield Lakes From Pollution

kumharia talaabUdaipur :  To save the famous water bodies in lakecity from being turned into a dumping yard, activists have strongly petitioned for  CCTV coverage at ghats  in the major wetland areas. The sprawling Kumharia Talaab adjoining the chandpole area in the interior part,  has turned into a dumping yard for the garbage generated in the nearby colonies and hotels, activists complained.  Residents get to see waste from houses and hotels, and even raw meat inside the water body which is a filthy and disgusting sight.

“It looks greasy, dirty and the water is bright green-for tourists to see the water bodies like that is disgusting ” said Haji Noor Mohammad and Bhanwarlal Sharma of Jheel Hiteshi Nagrik Manch.  Apart from tons of solid waste, plastic bags and garbage seen floating over the water, huge amount of raw meat has been found dumped at various points of the Pichhola and Fatehsagar lakes recently which can be very dangerous for public health, opined Anil Mehta another activist. With the sudden inflow of tourists and almost all the hotels running housefull, the waste generation at commercial buildings too have increased resulting to more trash being dumped into lakes and its shores.

lakes“ It is an ordinary sight to spot cab drivers washing their vehicles near the water bodies these days. During our shramdaan session on Sunday we stopped many tourists from dumping litters, empty water bottles inside the water bodies near various ghats” said Tejshankar Paliwal of Chandpole Nagrik Samiti. “The local bodies have spent a lot of money on making the lake areas  look nice, but now it’s time to make them a safer place in terms of pollution. CCTV installations at major chorahas has been very effective in deterring crime and traffic violations,  so we demand extension of the scheme at lake sides to prevent them from getting filthy further”  said Kamlesh Purohit, an activist.


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