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Monday , July 24 2017
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6 Tips for Vegetarian Travelers

Now that you have just hit the confirm button after booking your travel online, you are set to go. You are filled with joy and excitement, and you are already planning on what to wear during your trip, compiling an itinerary of all the sights that you’ll see, thinking about all the people that you’ll meet, and the different and delicious foods that you will try. Traveling as a vegetarian can sometimes be challenging, even when offered with food that looks fine, that feeling of whether the food is meat free will still linger. However, being a vegan traveler shouldn’t be daunting. Below are some tested tips that will help you as a vegetarian during your journey.

Flight Companies Often Offer Vegetarian Meals

In case your flight is only a few hours long, then it’s advisable to carry a snack while traveling and eat your meal on one of the restaurants at the airport or when you arrive at your destination. Most restaurants in airports have a variety of vegetarian foods. Therefore, you will have more choices that will cater to your cravings.

If your flight is longer, you can pre-book your vegetarian in-flight meal. Most airlines will allow you to book your travel ticket on their website and also select from a variety of dishes including vegan, vegetarian and even nut/gluten/lactose-free dishes. This won’t cost you, and the good news is that you’ll be among the first people on the plane to get your food. Therefore, by the time the other passengers get served, you’ll already be fast asleep.

Learn the Local Language Including How to say Vegetarian

It’s not always that you’ll travel to places where English is the primary language. If you intend to spend more time in a certain destination, it’s necessary to learn some of the keywords that are related to food. However, don’t focus on vegetables because there may be several. Instead, you can learn some of the meat keywords. Therefore, when you find ‘poulet’ on a menu in Paris, or ‘csirke’ while in Budapest, you’ll know that the dish has chicken in it. If you aren’t sure whether meat is in something, you can check the ingredients and use Google Translator on your mobile phone when in doubt.

Useful Veggie globetrotting Apps

One of the widely used apps by veggies is Happy Cow. This great app recommends not only the best vegan and veggie places but also some of the standard restaurants where you can find a variety of vegetarian dishes. Some other useful apps such as Zomato will allow you to view a restaurant’s menu. However, such apps aren’t available for all cities. As a traveler, Google translator should be your best friend. This great app will help you to decode menus from anywhere in the world.

Do an Online Research

Let’s face it; you won’t starve yourself when you fail to find any vegan-friendly restaurant during your tour. Where you can find a grocery store, you’ll most likely find veg, bread, nuts, fruits, and seeds. However, when you set some time and effort to research, you’ll find some great restaurants where you won’t only be able to eat vegan foods but also beautiful, delicious, and creative foods.

Try Different Vegetarian Dishes

One of the main reasons of traveling is to experience different races, cultures, and their different dishes. Therefore, you should overcome your limitations and not only eat the types of foods that you are used to, or foods that you feel are safe. Traveling the world gives you an opportunity to be adventurous, and while trying different vegetarian foods, you may discover a new type of dish that you will love.

Be Flexible and Understanding

Although you may be strict about not eating fish and meat, when traveling you may not always find a vegetarian option available, especially in countries with fewer vegetarians. At such a time, go for something plain. However, this isn’t enough reason to upset you. Most restaurants are flexible, and although some often include vegetables in meat dishes, upon request they can prepare your favorite vegetables. In such a case, you can request for a simple meal and cooked vegetables.

As a vegan or vegetarian traveler, you know that it’s not easy to eat your way while on the move. Although you may want to have a taste of the colorful world of flavors and spices, you should be smart when navigating your way in the search for the right vegetarian dishes. Travel can sometimes ignite overwhelming feelings, but the above tips will help you explore healthy vegan dishes as you tour the world.


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