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Monday , July 24 2017
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5 Amazing Trips for Animal Lovers in Japan

Japan’s an entertaining and fun place to visit for people looking to interact with some of the most amazing and fun to watch animals. Walk down the streets in the cities and you’ll soon realize that animals hold a special place in the hearts, minds, and lives of the Japanese.

In Japan, you can stop to enjoy a beverage and talk to the locals at a cat, dog, or rabbit themed café. Or choose to go on a hike and wander down a stunningly beautiful forest path with freely roaming rabbits you can feed. Traveling in Japan’s like entering an ancient, natural world that modern people have forgotten, a place where we still lie in touch with animals.

Tokyo: Owl Café

In Tokyo lies a café where there are about 25 ownls of varying sizes and breeds, quietly eyeing the human guests as they walk in. This is a café for owl lovers where you can interact with these sensitive birds through gentle touches, taking pictures, and watch as they fly around the room to land on a visitor’s head.


Cat Islands of Japan

Eleven stunningly beautiful islands in the land of the rising sun are the home to hundreds of stray cats loved by the Japanese people and thousands of visiting tourists from around the world every year.

In the past, fishermen have brought cats to these islands in order to get rid of rats and they have been populating since. In the present Aoshima, one of the popular cat islands, the ratio between cat and human population is six to one.

Kumamoto Prefecture, the home to the well-known mascot, Kumamon, also has a cat heaven known as Yushima Island. The island has a 4 kilometer-perimeter and you can walk on the island to visit the cats.


Nara Park: Deer Paradise in Japan

Deers in Nara Park were once thought to be messengers of the gods in the Shinto religion. They were once considered sacred, almost deities of a sort but today the people of Japan has continued to show their reverence for nature and the deers living here through this amazing park.

Visiting travelers can purchase a deer cookie for about 150 yen and feed the freely roaming deer while strolling across a timeless landscape in the spacious forests. Some of the deers are tame but can be aggressive towards people with food, while the more polite deers seem to bow their heads when asking for a cookie from travelers. A transcending moment you need to experience in person to believe.

Jigokudani Monkey Park: Hot Spiring Mcaques

Perhaps one of the most iconic animal attractions, Japan’s Jigokudani Monkey Park is the only place in the world where macaques bathe in hot springs. Located in the Valley of the Yokoyu River, many tourists come to see the view of snow monkeys bathing in the natural hot spring during the winter.

This is believed to have begun in the early 1960s when a young macaque accidentally learned to take an open-air bath at a local hostel. Other macaques gradually started behaving in the same manner.


Okunoshima: Japan’s Rabbit Island

Located in the Inland Sea of Japan, Okunoshima Island is better known as Japan’s Rabbit Island in reference to the hundreds of wild rabbits that roam freely in the forest’s paths. Thousands of tourists from across the globe travel here yearly to play golf, camp, and walk the forest paths to be chased by these furry critters. For those hoping to make a new friend, there is food available to be purchased.

Take an unforgettable trip to the nation of animal lovers and spend time away from the city, in the beautiful nature with adorable animals. It will sure put a smile on your face and you might just be surprised at what reconnecting with nature can do to improve your life.


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