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Thursday , August 17 2017
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4 Reasons To Skip The Elevator And Take The Stairs

A new craze is emerging in our increasingly urbanized environment – tower running. This is a sport in which athletes compete to ascend famous tower blocks by use of their stairwells alone.

While this might seem baffling to the ordinary office worker who takes the elevator every day, there are in fact many health benefits to taking the stairs. Here’s four, and you might want to skip the elevator after reading this.

It’s A Free Workout

You might not know this, but taking the stairs allow you to work your abs, calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. This is all with just walking up and down the stairs. Try jogging and it would be more vigorous, but even that is only the beginning.

You can also skip a step or two and perform walking lunges on the steps, to get a deeper burn on your quadricep and hip flexor. Or try taking the stairs sideways or backward, and this will help you work your lower body.

In fact, stair climbing is a technique used by runners, swimmers, cyclists and other competitive athletes to improve their endurance. This is because it works the aerobic and anaerobic systems simultaneously, giving you the maximum benefit for your time.

Longer Life Span

Climbing stairs, in the long run, can be a game changer for your health with statistics from StepJocky showing that climbing eight flights of stairs a day lowers the average early mortality risk by 33%.

But taking the stairs is not just linked to longer life-expectancy. It also bring long-term health benefits, whereby climbing the stairs for literally two minutes a day can also aid sleep, fight stress, and help increase good cholesterol.

This will help you avoid the typical spare tire and a massive reduction in your chances of dying early. All from just using what is right in front of you, every day on your way to and from work.

Heart Health Improvement

Stair climbing is a vigorous exercise. It burns more calories per minute than jogging. If you can do just seven minutes of stair climbing every day, you can halve your risk of heart attack over 10 years.

Besides, for most people who fail to see results in their fitness regime, stair climbing can also be a good alternative. It is spread out over the course of your day, which will help get your heart pumping and solve the problem of inactivity.

With just stairs, you can increase your overall activity level and thereby, increase your overall health, in an easy and convenient manner.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

If you take two flights of stairs every day at work, you will save 72 kilowatts of energy each day — which equals about 90 cents a year in energy costs. Doesn’t sound like much, right?

Think again. How many employees are there in your building? How long will they be working there? Multiply it by that amount. Soon you’ll see that cultural change – shifts in the zeitgeist that are precipitated by small changes in habits – can have a huge impact.

If you start taking the stairs and encourage two more people to do it, who encourage more people to do it, so on and so forth, you are indirectly responsible for every person inspired by that domino effect. As such, your carbon footprint can extend far beyond your own personal activity.


To sum it up, stair climbing exercises can increase muscle and bone strength, fight stress and help you sleep better, improve your cardio fitness and heart health while promoting weight loss, toning the thighs and save the world. So, the next time before you step into the elevator, remember this and opt for the stairs instead.

Gentle reminder: The information on this article is not meant to replace a qualified healthcare professional and should not be considered as professional advice. Please seek appropriate medical help when necessary.


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