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Tuesday , August 22 2017
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2 Panthers cubs discovered at Pratapgarh, brought to Udaipur zoo

Udaipur : Two panther cubs found in a field near Mahi river in PeepalKhoont forest division of Pratapgarh district were brought to Udaipur on Monday by the forest department. Thes cubs who have been taken in the vet care here are normal but weak, officials said. The cubs are approximately one and a half months old and were found at the same place where two weeks ago , a female panther was spotted dead. It is suspected that the animal could have been killed. However, spotting of the cubs at the same place by the same person who reported of the dead panther have raised suspicions, though the forest department has not lodged a complaint against anyone so far. The forest department has send the viscera of the dead panther for lab analysis to find the reason of death.

The dead panther could be the mother of these cubs, said Rahul Bhatnagar, the Chief Conservator Forest (wild life). The cubs were spotted by one Heera son of Tejia at Panadia forest on Sunday who informed it immediately to the ranger Mansoor Ahmed at Peepalkhoont. The cubs were rescued and given feed. However, the forestors let the cubs stay at the same place overnight anticipating that the mother panther would comelooking for them. However when no female panther appeared till Monday noon, the cubs were taken in the departments custody and brought to the Udaipur Zoo and given to Ramsingh, the caretaker of the zoo. After medication the cubs were told to have somewhat recovered, though they were too weak. “ We are not sure whether these cubs belong to the dead panther. However, since they are too small to be left alone , they will be kept in the zoo” Bhatnagar said.


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