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Thursday , August 24 2017
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14 labourers from Chattisgarh released from brick kiln in Udaipur

Udaipur : In a joint effort by two NGOs and the administration, 14 persons from Chattisgarh were released from a brick kiln factory at Mavli here who claimed to have had been kept here as bonded workers for past 2 months. The NGO workers had come here from Bilaspur in Chattisgarh, after they were informed of the plight by 2 of the labourers who had managed to flee from the factory some days ago. The rescued labourers met the Collector on Saturday and demanded release certificates and payment dues to be given so that they could go back to their homes. Meanwhile, collector Ashutosh A.T Pednekar has called for an enquiry in the episode to determine whether the workers were actually kept in bondage as there are 60 more people from various places engaged in the factory.

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According to a written complaint by the laborers, all of them hailed from Bansaliya village in Bilaspur who were brought here to work in the brick kiln at Mavli through two agents Sanant and Ganeshi bai. The laborers alleged that factory owners Rajjak Khan, Munna Khan and Nafiz Khan had paid some commission money to the touts and in return kept all of them in bondage. They were not given enough food to eat , kept in poor living conditions throughout while made to work in the brick kiln.

Two of them Doordesi and Satya Prakash managed to runaway from the factory some days ago and reported the case to Manav Sansthan and Mahila Vikas Sansthan, two NGOs working for the cause in Bilaspur. Two representatives from the organizations Rajdhari Singh and Avinash Kumar reached Udaipur along with the workers and gave a complaint to Collector Ashutosh A.T Pednekar. The collector instructed the police to investigate, however the factory owners let go all the workers on Friday before a raid could be held. The bonded workers sought intervention from the brick kiln trade union for the bondage release certificates and two months due payment. “ An enquiry is being held and the SDO has been asked to take statements of all the workers engaged in the brick kiln. There are some 60 people working there from various states and most of them denied of having kept as bonded labourers” said Ashutosh Pednekar. We have to assure the actual position before any action is taken, he added.


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